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Do you know the difference between Undercoating & Rust Proofing?

vehicle with undercoat

Rust Proofing (aka Rust Inhibitor, Rust Preventative)

Rust Proofing is a generic term used in the automotive industry to describe protection on vehicles from corrosive activity and is often considered to be the equivalent of Undercoating. But there is a difference. Rust proofing or rust inhibitor is installed in the closed cavities, crevices and channels found in many modern vehicles. It is a vital part of corrosion protection with the Liquid Brines used on roads today! This product is applied with atomizing equipment to ensure comprehensive coverage over all the surfaces in a particular cavity. Unlike some of our competition, ValuGard DOES NOT drill holes, instead fogged (atomized) into those areas, and is sprayed through existing holes found on the vehicles. Also, unlike our competition, VG-101 Rust Preventative is designed as a single application and does not require annual inspections or reapplications – saving you time and hassle every year you own your car! Continue reading to find out about Undercoating!  

Solvent Undercoating

ValuGard Undercoatings are black, solvent, asphalt cutback formulas applied to the underbody areas and wheel wells to protect these areas from damaging effects of the de-icing brines found in today’s environment. The asphalt formula will not freeze, crack, pocket or “fall off in strips” like outmoded rubberized formulas commonly used by installers and found in DIY auto stores. Besides the corrosion protection, the Undercoating will also provide some insulation from heat and cold, as well as help tamp down on road noise and vehicle vibrations.

For more information on our Undercoating & Rust proofing services CLICK HERE!


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