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Before & After

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after undercoating

Undercoating & Rust Proofing

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We don't just undercoat vehicles, we offer a complete

Legacy Vehicle Protection Package.


Save $100 when bundling both

Undercoat & Rust Proofing!

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10 Reasons to Choose ValuGard over Other Undercoating Products:

1.    TESTED and PROVEN to work specifically against liquid de-icing brines. 
There is no known testing for other products against liquid de-icing brines.

2.    ONE-TIME application. 
Oil based products require annual treatments resulting in a large cost of time and money for the consumer. Rubberized products are applied one-time but several rubberized formulas may peel off in sheets once exposed to brines.

3.    LIFETIME WARRANTY on new vehicles. 
Many Oil-based brands do not offer a warranty (or warranty is voided without annual application). Many Rubberized products only come in aerosol form and do not offer a warranty.

4.    DUEL COMPONENT SYSTEM provides comprehensive protection both inside unseen cavities all over vehicle and on visible underbody panels. 
Oil based is only able to protect small percentage of cavities and will tend to wash off underbody panels. Rubberized products are only able to protect small percentage of cavities and will not get in to pinch welds, doors bottoms and many cavity areas, leaving them unprotected. 

Both products cure against the metal and then are able to flex over rough roads Oil-based products stay viscous and may drip on driveways and garage floors for several days after application, with the potential risk of being tracked into the house. Rubberized products will often harden and potentially not flex with body and frame as you travel over rough roads.

6.    APPROVED by multiple OEMs for use on their vehicles. 
Many vehicle manufacturers do not approve other undercoating products. 

7.    WILL NOT INTERFERE AGAINST ELECTRONICS inside doors, tailgates and other areas that contain electronics. No known testing with other rust proofing products.

8.    HOLD UP AGAINST COLD WEATHER and de-icing brines. 
Rubberized formulas tend to become brittle and experience cracking under sustained colder temperatures.

9.    SELF-HEALING PROPERTIES provide superior adhesion to the metal on vehicles, prevents salt and elements from getting between coating and metal. 
Rubber has an affinity for itself, so as it begins to peel off, may often come in large sheets. 

10.    NO DRILLING.  
We jet atomize the product (fogging) into your vehicle's cavities using the existing drain holes already provided by manufacturers. Some cavity rust inhibitor applications require a drilling process with a hole plug to apply product into cavities.  This creates a point of corrosion initiation on panel that was drilled AND acceleration due to metal shards often left from this process.


How long does it take a vehicle to be Undercoated and Rust Proofed?
It normally takes about 2 hours to complete the service and 2 hours of time to cure. On days when the roads are wet, it takes 2 hours to complete the service and 4 hours of time to cure.

How long does it take a vehicle to fully cure?
It can take up to one week for the product to fully cure on a vehicle.

Can I drive my vehicle as soon as it’s done?
You may drive your vehicle when the service is complete, but please try to avoid puddles and dirt roads.

Can I take my vehicle through a car wash?
Avoid car washes or pressure washing the vehicle underbody for one week.

Why are some areas not coated with an undercoat?
Undercoat is not applied to anything that spins (dry shaft), has moving parts (brakes), or gets hot (exhaust system).

I noticed you undercoated everything besides my frame, why?
Certain vehicle frames have an undercoating applied to it during assembly. That frame coating is warranted under the manufactures 3yr/36K new vehicle limited warranty.

Do you remove the spare tire when you undercoat?
Yes, we remove and coat on the backside. In rare cases, the spare tire may be rusted in and we cannot remove it.

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